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About Lexie Okeke


My love for social impact began as I watched my grandmother jump into action when there was a need in our small little corner of Beaumont, TX called The Pear Orchard. I have a crystal clear picture in my mind of her on the phone all day when a young family lost everything they had in a house fire. In a day, she helped them connect with family for temporary housing, had a week’s worth of meals coming to their home, had clothes donated for the entire family, and made sure the women’s ministry group at our church donated the proceeds from a spaghetti dinner so they would have cash for a couple of weeks. And that’s just one example of the many opportunities for transformation that she seized and fully embraced.


My grandma didn’t call it social impact back then. She called it getting things done. And yet it’s that spirit of community, tenacity, and transformation that became my definition of a change agent.


I’m Lexie Okeke, BE The Delta’s Chief Change Agent. I’ve worked with non-profits for more than 15 years and specialize in fundraising, volunteer management and strategic communications. Since I have a strong background in donor engagement and strategic communications, organizations I work with those who want to increase their donor giving, program effectiveness, and volunteer participation will benefit greatly.


My love for public speaking has allowed me to emcee for community festivals and political candidate forums, share inspiration and information through training seminars with non-profits such as the City of Garland, Good Samaritan, Loving Garland Green, and many more. I’ve been on the front end as a consultant for events like award dinners, women’s networking, business forums, children’s anti-bullying festivals, and fundraising lunches. When I’m investing time in my own community, I volunteer with the Dallas Furniture Bank, SERVE West Dallas, Watermark Church, and other local organizations.

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